Friday, April 20, 2012

IIFT 2012-14 Admission Test Analysis

The IIFT 2012-14 Admission test was very much along the predictable lines. The paper was lengthy and the LRDI section had quite a few tedious questions. The question paper had 120 questions divided into six sections. Each question had four options and the extent of the negative marking was 1/3rd of the marks allotted to the question. The break-up of the sections is given below:
Section Total No of questions Marks per question Total Marks
General Awareness 21 0.50 10.5
Reading Comprehension 15 0.75 11.25
English Usage 23 0.75 17.25
Data Interpretation 16 1.00 16
Quantitative Ability 24 1.00 24
Logical Reasoning 21 1.00 21

Reading Comprehension

Most of the questions were direct and based on specific details. There were two ‘Match the following’ questions in RC, which could be done by matching one or two options. There were 4 RCs with a total of 15 Questions.
English Usage
Just like previous years there were quite a few questions from Vocabulary. There were questions on Synonyms, Antonyms, Figure of speech, and Idioms. There were no questions on Analogy. The questions on Word-Jumble were easy but time consuming and could have been left.  
Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Grammar 6 Easy
Vocabulary 10 Moderate-Tough
Para-Completion 2 Easy-Moderate
Sentence Jumble 2 Easy
Spelling 1 Tough
Word Jumble 2 Easy

General Awareness This section was tougher than previous years. The section had a healthy mix of questions from static and current G.K.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Static General Awareness 9 Moderate- Tough
Personality and Awards 5 Moderate
Business 3 Moderate- Tough
Economy 4 Moderate- Tough

Quantitative Ability This section was easier as compared to previous years. Unlike previous years there were quite a few questions that were short in length and less tedious. All the questions in this section were attemptable. There were no questions from Higher Mathematics.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Arithmetic 12 Easy- Moderate
Algebra 7 Easy- Moderate
Geometry 3 Easy- Moderate
P&C, Probability 2 Easy- Moderate

Data Interpretation Though most of the questions in this section were straightforward, the sets were long, tedious and calculation intensive. The third set in this section could have been attempted. 
Logical Reasoning The questions in this section were easy. The Logical Reasoning sets were shorter in length as compared to previous years. There were a few questions from Verbal Logic.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Blood Relations 2 Easy
Team Selection 2 Easy
Arrangement 2 Easy
Coding-Decoding 8 Easy- Moderate
Information based LR sets 1 set (3 Questions) Easy
Syllogisms 2 Easy
Course of Action 2 Moderate

Predicted Section wise Cut-offs
Section Possible Attempts Possible score
Reading Comprehension 6-8 3-3.5
English Usage 16-18 7.5-8
Logical Reasoning 12-13 8.3-9
Data Interpretation 5-6 3-3.6
General Awareness 6-7 1.5-2
Quantitative Ability 14-15 12-13
Total 60-68 35-37

A score of approximately 37 should fetch a call for the second round of selection.