Friday, April 20, 2012


IBSAT 2011 had four sections with a total of 125 questions that were to be attempted in 120 minutes. The sections were – Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability and Data Sufficiency & Data Interpretation. The question paper had easy to moderate level of difficulty. Each section had a few questions that were easy and made the question paper quite scoring. There was sectional cut-off for each section. Incorrect answers did not attract any negative marking.

The basic sequence of sections with the number of possible attempts is as follows:
Name of the Section No. of Questions Possible Attempts Suggested Time (in minutes) Possible Score
Verbal Ability 50 35-38 30 20-25
Reading Comprehension 25 15-18 25-30 12 to 15
Quantitative Ability 25 20-21 30-35 20 to 21
Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation 25 22-23 30-35 22 to 23
Total 125 92+ 120 74+

Section I: Verbal Ability
Most of the questions in this section were easy to moderate in terms of difficulty level. There were 25 questions on vocabulary, 10 on English usage, 5 on cloze test and 10 on grammar. A few Para-jumbles and cloze test questions were difficult. Overall, this section was easy and scoring for a person with a moderately good vocabulary and knowledge of the basic rules of grammar.

Section II: Reading Comprehension
This section had three passages with nearly eight questions per passage. The passages were factual and most of the questions were pretty direct. The level of difficulty was easy to moderate. Each passage had one or two difficult questions, which could have been left un-attempted.
Section III: Quantitative Ability
Barring a few difficult questions, most of the questions in this section were of easy to moderate level of difficulty. The section covered almost all the topics – Number System, Arithmetic (Profit, Loss and Discount, Averages, Time and Work, Percentages), Geometry, Mensuration, Probability, P&C, Co-ordinate Geometry, Arithmetic Progression and Algebra.

Section IV: Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation
This section had questions of easy to moderate level of difficulty. The section consisted of 15 questions on Data Sufficiency, a set of 5 questions (table based) on Logical Reasoning and a set of 5 questions (multiple tables based) on Data Interpretation. Some of the Data Sufficiency questions were based on logical reasoning and could be easily attempted.