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Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is a postgraduate research degree.

An M.Phil. is a lesser degree than a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), but in many cases it is considered to be a more senior degree than a taught Master's degree, as it is often a thesis-only degree. In some instances, an M.Phil. may be awarded to graduate students after completing several years of original research, but before the defense of a dissertation. In some cases, it can serve as a provisional enrollment for a Ph.D.

M.Phil. is a special research degree and only awarded by selected departments of a university (mostly in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences, Archeology, Philosophy and Theology). Admission to this program is pretty selective and primarily aimed at those students opting for an academic career. After Finishing these programs, students normally enroll for a PhD program. So an M.Phil course is a pre -doctorate degree course which is mainly based on research. This web page brings to you a list of Indian universities which impart M.Phil degree on a wide array of subjects.

List of Top Indian Universities for M.Phil degree

Delhi University
This is one of the most reputed universities in India and it offers M.Phil degree in different subjects. Glean information on this course imparted in this esteemed university from this website.
Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi

Well if you are hunting for Indian universities which offer M.Phil courses in do step into this web portal. It is the official portal of Jamia Milia University, Delhi. Familiarize yourself with this highly prestigious institute which imparts post graduate courses by taking a tour of this portal. 

Jadavpur University, Kolkata
If you are interested in pursuing your Masters Phil in any subject then this deemed university of Kolkata could be a great place to study just that .Find our more about the courses they offer from this website.

University of Calcutta
The University of Calcutta offers M.Phil courses on an array of subjects. View their admission procedure and the course details from the site.

University of Burdwan
This renowned university of West Bengal has post graduate M.Phil courses to offer to you. If you are scouting for good universities where you can do your M.Phil this could be the perfect site for you.

University of Madras
Scouting for top notch universities where you can study M Sc in Psychology? This could be a great choice for you for the University of Madras is on of the premier educational institutions in India and offers M.Phil courses.

Kannur University
If you think that pursuing higher education is your favored field then you can glance through this site which belongs to Kannur University. Kannur University offers M.Phil courses.

University of Mumbai
Interested in doing a M.Phil ? Mumbai University offers you comprehensive M.Phil courses in different subjects. Glean details about this courses by logging into this web portal.

Himachal Pradesh University
Scouting for information on M.Phil courses in India? Himachal Pradesh University offers these courses on a wide gamut of subjects. Know more about this course by taking time to visit this site.

Varkatullah Viswavidyalaya, Bhopal
Find out about the M.Phil courses that this university offers. Know about the course curriculum and other details all from this website.

University of Pune

Hunting for some great university to do your M.Phil? Then you have come to the right place. University of Pune brings to you post graduate M.Phil courses in different subjects. This site delineates detailed information on the course curriculum and faculty members too.

Punjab University

Are you eager to pursue your M.Phil? Then all you have to do is simply check-into the web portal of the Punjab University, the renowned institute of India which offers post graduate Courses in psychology.

Kalayani University
The department of psychology of Kalayani University offers M.Phil courses for aspiring psychology graduates. Take a look and go through the history of the institution, the eligibility criteria, the admission process and information.

Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

Learn more about the M.Phil courses that is offered at this reputed university form this site.

North Eastern Hill University

Browse through the portal of Bhim Rao North Eastern Hill University and learn about its M.Phil courses in different subjects that can be availed from there.

University of Mysore

Looking for universities offering M.Phil courses ? Check-into the portal of University of Mysore.

Viswa Bharati
This university has imparts Bachelors M.Phil degree . Glean information about the course curriculum and admission procedure from this website.

Indraprastha University
Introduce yourself to the prestigious Indraprastha University by dropping in at this portal. This premier educational institute imparts M.Phil courses.

Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
This premier educational institute located in Kolhapur imparts M.Phil courses. Cruise through this portal and acquire comprehensive information on this renowned educational institute.

Indira Gandhi Open University
Acquaint your self with the M.Phil courses on different subjects that this university offers. This being an open university you can avail on this course from the comfort of you home too.

Sastra University

If you are searching for a great educational institution where you can study M.Phil courses in different subject then don't miss this site. This esteemed university imparts Post Graduate Diploma these professional undergraduate and post graduate courses on education.

University of Rajasthan
University of Rajasathan is a great choice if you want to study M.Phil . Hunt for more information on this course by logging into this website.

Jammu University
The University of Jammu has several offers M.Phil courses. You can get all the information on this institute by logging on to this portal of this reputed university.

Karnataka State Women’s University
Welcome to the official website of the Karnataka State Women’s University. To know more about the various M.Phil courses that this university has to offer come to this web portal.

Annamalai University
University of Annamalai is a great choice if you want to study M.Phil. Hunt for more information on this course by logging into this website.

South Gujrat University
If you are looking hither and tither for some reliable institutes from where you can pursue your M.Phil course then you have come to the right place. Get enrolled into the M.Phil courses offered by this university.

University of Calicut
This premier educational institute located in Calicut imparts M.Phil courses in a wide gamut of subjects. Cruise through this portal and acquire comprehensive information on this renowned educational institute.

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati Unviersity, Maharashtra
If you are haunting for universities which offer Post Graduate courses M.Phil courses then you don't have to be baffled anymore. Pursue you M Ed course from this great university.

Rabindra Bharati University
This is a university which bears the legacy of Rabindra Nath Tagore, the greatest Indian poet. This university is highly acclaimed not only in India but globally also. Find out about the M.Phil offered in this university from this web site.

American universities award the M.Phil under certain circumstances. At those universities, the degree is awarded to Ph.D. candidates when they complete their required coursework and qualifying examinations, but before the defense of a doctoral dissertation. This status is also called All But Dissertation, or A.B.D. (colloquially, "All But Done"), and sometimes may include the defense of a thesis proposal.

Many Ph.D. candidates at these universities view the M.Phil. as a formality and elect not to receive it in order to avoid the paperwork and costs involved. However, some programs do not offer an en route M.A. or M.S., so the M.Phil. is the first opportunity to receive a degree between the Bachelor's and Ph.D. Some colleges and universities, such as the College of the Atlantic, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Utah, offer a standalone M.Phil. degree in various fields.

In most UK universities, completion of an M.Phil. typically requires two years of full-time study and the submission of a thesis comprising a body of original research undertaken by the candidate.
It is common for students admitted into a Ph.D. (or D.Phil.) program at a UK university to be initially registered for the degree of M.Phil., and then to transfer onto the Ph.D. upon successful completion of the first (or sometimes the second) year of study: this will often involve the submission of a short report or dissertation by the student, and possibly an oral examination or presentation. In addition, most universities allow examiners to recommend award of an M.Phil. if a Ph.D. candidate's thesis is deemed not to be of the requisite length or standard for a doctorate. However many students register for an M.Phil. with no intention of upgrading to a Ph.D., either due to personal circumstances or due to their chosen research project having insufficient scope for a Ph.D.

At a few UK universities, an M.Phil. research degree can be achieved after only one year of study and is viewed as being equivalent to a taught M.A. or M.Sc. degree. At the University of Manchester, for example, the examination of an M.Phil. degree is entirely by submission of a thesis and does not require an oral examination.

However, in some institutions, such as University College London, a clear set of requirements must be met for the award of an M.Phil, under which candidates are required to submit and defend a thesis against external and internal examiners, a process which may in itself take up to a year, and, as such, the award may be regarded as a mini-PhD.

Oxford & Cambridge Universities
At Oxford University, the M.Phil. is a usually two-year Master's degree, although some programs are one-year.The M.Phil. requires both a lengthy thesis and more examinations than a one-year Masters degree (such as M.Sc., M.St. or M.Litt.).

Cambridge University offers the M.Phil. as a one-year Master's degree program. This is to distinguish it from the Oxbridge M.A. degree, to which B.A. graduates usually proceed after a certain period of time without any further study (a procedure which has been followed at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge since the seventeenth century). The Cambridge M.Phil. can be either a taught degree or a research-based degree, depending on the course.


The ancient Scottish universities, who for historical reasons award the Scottish M.A. degree upon completion of four-year first degree programs in arts and humanities subjects, differ in their use of M.Phil. or M.Litt. for postgraduate research degrees, but are slowly standardizing to the M.Phil. as a research degree and the M.Litt. as a taught degree.

In the Netherlands the M.Phil. is a special research degree and only awarded by selected departments of a university (mostly in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Philosophy and Theology). Admission to these programmes is highly selective and primarily aimed at those students opting for an academic career. After finishing these programs, students normally enroll for a Ph.D. program. The Dutch Department of Education, Culture and Science has decided not to recognize the MPhil degree. Accordingly, some Dutch universities have decided to continue the grant the MPhil degree but also offer a legally recognized degree such as MA or MSc to those who receive the MPhil degree.


In Norway, the degree of MPhil is a 'standard' Master's degree (120 ECTS credits) at a level equivalent to an MA or MSc. Upon completion, the MPhil qualifies for acceptance to a PhD program, but is most often taken as a stand-alone qualification. The MPhil is not a common degree in Norway; most universities award MA (in humanities or social sciences) or MSc (in technical and scientific subjects) degrees


In Finland, the regular (first) Master's degree filosofian maisteri translates to "Master of Philosophy". However, the term "philosophy" is to be understood to the maximum extent, because this is the name of the basic Master's degree in all natural sciences and humanities. It does not imply a specialization in theoretical philosophy or even other than introductory studies. In fact, most of the students majoring in philosophy get a degree with a different name (Master of Sociology or Politics). These degrees are regular Master's degrees, not special "higher" degrees (cf. Licentiate and Doctor of Philosophy).